For most healthy individuals the Flu is just an old wives tale that we hear about when it starts getting cold. But for those of you that have had the distinct displeasure of suffering through the flu sat some point in your life its not about being healthy, or is it? What’s your understanding of healthy? How about we define healthy first and you can tell me how accurate your previous understanding was.

Malnutrition is defined as: lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat.

Seems pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? It’s not! What causes proper nutrition or a lack of it? What are the right things? What do you mean not being able use the the food that one does eat? All good questions but most people wouldn’t think to dive that deep into a definition. Let us do that now!

Proper nutrition can be defined many ways but today we’ll keep it simple. For the sake of this article we’ll simply define it as balance. Well that doesn’t help, much! Ok, so what is balance? Balance is the conscious effort to vary your diet in a way that you receive the nutrients your body needs to not only survive, but thrive on a day to day basis. This includes a variety of fruits and vegetables in their raw state or as near to it as possible. Canned fruits and veggies do not qualify here. If they have been placed in a bag, box or bottle/can for you then more than likely all the nutritious content has been processed right out of them.


Not eating enough of the right things? Easy, less meat, sugar, oils, salt and preservatives in your diet can make your tissue less acidic bringing about a better intercellular environment. The conventional western diet tends to make our tissue more acidic. By reducing these acidic foods you can increase the Ph of you tissue, improving the environment of the body.

Not being able to use the foods you do eat, whats that mean? This part is referring to malabsorption that may be related to a few things. There could be a food allergy, celiac or lactose intolerance, that may create inflammation in the intestines, decreasing the amount of nutrients are available for absorption in through the intestinal wall.


And then theres the more philosophical form of malnutrition: your soul! Are you feeding your soul? Are you happy with your job, relationship, activity level or even your life in general? If you’re not happy in your life, all the food in the world won’t make you healthy!

For those of you looking to avoid the flu and a flu shot here’s what I suggest: Put down the fast food and learn to cook good food, put down the coffee or beer and drink water (lots of it), get more sleep, join a gym and GGOOOO, make new friends, if you don’t like your job/occupation get a new one that inspires and fulfills you, leave those relationships that drag you down, go outside! All of these things can be expounded on and should be. I’m happy to if you like, but let’s do it in the office where we can be more specific for you.

If you can start implementing these small tasks one at a time you will start to notice an overall improvement in your daily outlook. I promise you will start to feel better, look better and move better and you won’t need a flu shot or all those other meds you may be on that are holding you back from thriving. Take control and go out there ad take some responsibility for yourself!

Dr. Aylor