Unlike most Sports medicine facilities and Longmont, Chiropractors, we build more function into your body when you are not hurt to increase performance and reduce injury risk.  This is a proactive approach to treating injuries.  The majority of our patience heal faster and are stronger in function after they recover.

Our philosophy centers on doing everything we can to get you back in the game. That “game” being expressed as the game of life, being a mother or father, working at your job or in the performance of a sport regardless of your level of competition. We treat our patients like top level athletes.  Our perspective is,  if you can’t participate, you can’t help your team succeed. Our job is to get you back into your game as quickly and safely as possible using all our knowledge of sports injuries, orthopedics, chiropractic, physical therapeutics, and rehabilitation to make that happen.

We are a non-surgical, non-medicinal practitioner first and foremost, and we treat you like an world-class athlete.

This strategy is why we are the top choice in health. 

No other place in Longmont, Colorado can give you this perspective, knowledge or experience.

Come talk to us about your chronic pain and injury. We'd be happy to provide a FREE consultation today.  

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Your friendly neighborhood Longmont, Chiropractor and Sports Medicine Specialist, 

Dr. Tim Ray