I'm happy to announce Power Chiropractic Health Center will be sponsoring Grass Roots Ultimate for 2018. Since coming to Longmont I've really gotten into the sport. It's competitive nature combined with the fitness needed has really resonated with me. Although its the exact opposite of rugby in the contact area, they are similar in fitness and mental engagement; spacial awareness and teamwork. Coming from rugby as I did it took a lot of restraint to keep from colliding with others when going for the disk but you'll be happy to hear I have yet to collide with anybody in a way they felt was excessive! So I got that going for me!! haha. On a serious note, I really enjoy the competition. At 39-years old it's a great way to stay fit and active, that doesn't involve wrecking my body to do so. As a chiropractor, I am happy to help any of my fellow ultimate athletes to do the same with my intimate knowledge of movement and the body. So if there's been something nagging you that you can't seem to shake let's get you looked at before the spring outdoor season starts in March. If you're all good, I'll see you in March! Feel free to stop me anytime on the fields to pick my brain on anything, I'm here for you!! Cheers!