TMJ....... want it to stop hurting or popping?? Now that I have your attention, let's talk a bit about TMS (Tempero Mandibular Syndrome) or TMD (T.M. Disorder). Have you thought about how or why it started or do you only really care how to make it stop? If you've experienced any of the following you could have TMS/TMD:

- pain over your TMJ
- Crepitus (popping and clicking) of TMJ
- Bruxism, aka grinding of teeth
- decreased opening of jaw, less than 3 fingers wide open
- inability to close teeth together
- regular headaches
- Neck aches
- tinnitus, aka ringing by in the ears
- altered tracking of the jaw, left or right deviation as you open/close your jaw. 
- recurring cervical subluxation
- weakness in the jaw muscles during range of motion
- ocular dysfunction (altered vision)

     If you experience at least 3 of the symptoms you can be diagnosed with TMD. OK, great!! Now what!? In my opinion let's get it fixed with adjustment and corrective exercises. Surgery is not necessary if you are willing to put a in a little work. The adjustment is very simple, pain free and can result in elimination of symptoms in only a couple adjustments when accompanied by home exercises done daily.  

If there are any questions about this feel free to ask. If you need more explanation I'd be happy to describe the mechanics of the jaw as well. We are here for you, please use us!! Take care and hope to see you soon