I want to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to the organizers of this years St. Vrain Invitational track meet!  It was a fabulous event on a breathtaking spring day!   I couldn't have asked for a better scenario to demonstrate the wonderful power of chiropractic medicine.

    As a the "New guy" in town I'm constantly looking for way to get into the community to serve and help grow awareness of chiropractic.  When I found out about this event I jumped at the chance to work with our local talent!  With the help of James Davis, Jeff Boele and Mark Roberts the day went flawlessly.  The day started off a little slowly but once a few of the braver kids saw the benefits of my work they started lining up towards the end of the day.  One young lady in particular, that I'm aware of, was very appreciative.  She came to me prior to her race inquiring when she should get adjusted, before or after her race?  After explaining the benefits of chiropractic to her and her mother she agreed to a pre race adjustment.  An hour later, as i was finishing with another patient, I see the biggest smile running at me.  The same young lady had just ran her personal best in her event!  I couldn't have been happier for her!  

    Some might discount the benefits of chiropractic care in part or in full but when you're a competitive athlete the mental preparation aspect accounts heavily towards success.  I've seen and heard too many funky pre-game rituals, baseball players I'm talking to you, to be convinced otherwise!  Nobody wears the same pair of socks for weeks if it didn't help keep the streak alive!  When you combine an athletes belief and reproducible results its hard to deny the positive effect chiropractic adjustments can have on athletes!  As a former high level athlete I know what worked for me and after being exposed to chiropractic at the tail end of my career, there wasn't a game I didn't get adjusted before the match!  

    So to all the athletes running, throwing or jumping at the state meet this coming week, I would like to wish you all the best of luck and I wish i could be there to offer my services!