Whether a high level athlete recovering from an injury or an accountant run down by tax season, most everyone would agree they need to start living a little better or healthier.  It seems one of the issues is that many don’t know where to start.  I get it!  If it weren’t for my education and the knowledge I gained while playing for the USA rugby team, nutritional education came with the territory, I’d probably be as lost as most everyone else!  So where to start?  How about a fundamental understanding of how the body works at the cellular level?

    Who’s heard the name Bruce Lipton and “Epigenetics”?  If you’ve heard of one you most likely heard the other.  If you’ve heard of neither, not to worry they may still be well kept secrets!  Epigenetics is not a new concept, just one that’s beginning to gain momentum in the scientific community.   Dr. Lipton has been a well-known author and respected developmental biologist in the scientific community for many years.  His works include:  The Biology of Belief, The honeymoon effect, Spontaneous evolution and The Wisdom of your cells.

    Epigenetics, put simply, is the idea that our genes respond, either positively or negatively, to their environment.  What does this mean?  It means that the old saying we’ve all heard since we were kids “you are what you eat” is truer than we ever thought.  If you CHOOSE to pump toxins ( ie cigarettes, fast food, alcohol, processed sugars, etc.) your genetics will react accordingly, garbage in garbage out!  But if you CHOOSE to keep your diet clean with healthy food choices, proper hydration, age appropriate cardiovascular challenges, periodic chiropractic adjustments and sufficient sleep; the result is a favorable environment for proper genetic development and healing. 

   Our genes, or chromosomes, are the key to health and disease!  Genetic information is being unleashed every second of our lives.  There’s a saying “change is hard” well on top of that, it’s slow too!  Which is why we don’t see or feel the results of our bad decisions the same day, week or even month in most cases.  If that wasn’t the case I’m sure most people wouldn’t bother with McDonalds after that first Big Mac!  Unfortunately it takes years of abuse for the pain, obesity and cancer to surface.  At which point many times it takes years to undo all the damage, if it’s even possible! 

    So do yourself a favor and have a look at this epigenetics concept on your own, if you’re serious about turning a new page!  You may surprise yourself with what you find.  How simple of a concept it is to implement in your daily life.  Best of luck, hope to see you in the office soon and I’m always happy to help.



Mark Aylor D.C.