New Years resolutions are coming soon and after the gluttony of Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are well overdue! So I thought I might throw a little info out there for you to help succeed in the diet changes you are looking to make.

1. Plan ahead: Going "cold turkey" on anything is setting yourself up for failure. Take the next couple weeks to clear the pantry. If you want the new diet to take you have to get rid of all the temptations in the house. You also should start tapering the "bad" out of your diet the month leading up to the new diet.


2. Eliminate Bags, Boxes or Bottles from your diet. Anything coming in the above packaging contains preservatives and aren't quality food. Everything in a container must be pasteurized for health purposes. this involves heating to kill bacteria, this also kills the nutrients found in raw foods. Processed foods also have loads of salt and/or sugars.

3. Choose nutrient-dense foods. Calories and nutrient levels are inversely proportional. As the nutrient level increases the calories decrease and vice versa. Raw vegetables have trace amounts of calories, the brighter (green, yellow, red, orange etc.) the color the better.


4. Up the cardio. Muscles are nice but cardio is where the calories are burned! You want to lose weight, get on the cardio! If you insist on hitting the weights, thats fine. Implement a circuit workout where you are hitting all your lifts in succession with minimal rest in between sets. You'll want to drop the weight but this will keep your heart rate up, burning more calories. Optimal calorie burn is around 60% of your max heart rate.

5. Cook less. Too often the vegetables we eat are overcooked, heat kills the good stuff in food. Vegetables are most nutritious when eaten raw. If you need to cook them, brussel sprouts, do so minimally. We have a hard enough time getting proper nutrition these days, let's not cook out the small amount of nutrients left in the foods.

6. Cut out the dairy and wheat. Yes, they can be good for you, but they are calorie dense and not necessary. Everything you get from dairy you can get from meats and veggies with a fraction of the calories. For you fitness athletes, you don't need as many carbs as you think! 

7. Eliminate the sugars. We eat too much sugar as it is! Diabetes (symptom) is the biggest issue with kids these days.... SUGAR is the root problem! Regardless of the source (honey, granular, fruit, etc...) we eat too much sugar. I know I eat far too much, we all need to decrease our sugar consumption!!

8. reduce the alcohol. Yeah, I said it... booze has a TON of empty calories! I'd challenge you to eliminate alcohol for 60 days and see how much extra weight you lose. I lost 15 pounds last year when i did it. It wasn't fun but I felt 10 years younger in the morning!!

9. Hydration!  Drink water, not tea, diet soda, coffee, Red Bull or GATORADE etc..  Water is what keeps your muscles, skin, and heart healthy.  It's not sexy but it works!  It's what is needed.  All the others have sugars and toxins.  None of it helps at game-time like you would be lead to believe.  Do you want to prevent cramping?  Drink water.  Do you want to feel energized regularly? Drink water.  Do you want to perform at your best? Drink water!! Water! Water!! Water!!! #rantoverlol

If you liked what you read, have questions, please feel free to make an appointment to discuss more. Have a safe and very merry Christmas!