...is worth MORE than a pound of cure or all the Chemo in the world! Please, PLEASE adopt a preventative strategy as you get older. Even after you've had the prostate removed, as a male, it doesn't mean you are immune from cancer in the future! If you were ever diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the stage, there is a very distinct chance they didn't get it all. One cancer cell is all that's necessary for it to come back and if you go more than a couple years between checkups it will most likely be too late.  It is no different for you ladies out there that have been through and defeated breast cancer.  Anyone out there that has been diagnosed with cancer it is never over!

    For example, a 74-year old patient 10+ years after he's had his prostate removed, only one follow-up after the surgery, goes in for a hip pain in September.  Tests come back with a PSA level above 7.  Nothing else is done, that he shares with me.  Come December hip pain is even worse, he is sleeping much more than usual and has experienced unanticipated weight loss.  He is urged to go back to the doctor for more testing; PSA is now 11+.......  Following a prostectomy the PSA levels should remain less than 1 for the remainder of that patient's life, presuming all the cancerous tissue was removed in the initial surgery.  With a prostate intact the allowable levels for PSA shouldn't exceed 4.  In order for the PSA levels to be that high means that either during the biopsy or the removal some tissue escaped the prostate itself and was left behind.  Had he been diligent following the surgery with his follow-ups every 6-12 months this would have been discovered much sooner and appropriate steps could have been taken (Chemo, diet changes, radiation etc.) to prevent it from getting out of control!  

     I IMPLORE you to be proactive in your later years. If you wait till it hurts, it's too late! Don't rob your loved ones of your company for your pride. No one is invincible, even Superman met his match!  Don't presume you have nothing to live for and just let it go.  If not for your children, do it for their children!  Don't be in any rush to leave this world any sooner than you absolutely must.  Make sure to get every ounce out of this life before you go to the next!