Ever hear of Regional Interdependence? Its a newly emerging concept in the health field. Its the idea that the regions of the body (upper and lower extremities) should be able to move and function independent of other extremities. Example: Hip extension should only require stabilization of the core and activation of the lower extremity. When I have a patient perform prone extension while palpating the cervical spine and can feel the neck muscles contracting it tells me there's a lack of regional interdependence. To be more specific, it tells me the core isn't stabile, not to be confused with weak, theres a big difference between the two. So how is it achieved, regional interdependence, that is? The first step is a proper exam and movement assessment, second is to identify the causes, third is intervention (adjustments, soft tissue work etc.) and finally exercises to reinforce the work done by the healthcare professional. All of these things we specialize at Power Chiropractic. So if you're interested in fixing any long standing aches and pains feel free to make an appointment today @ athletepowers.com