Does your stomach get upset while you run? Sometimes drinking water or another fluid to make sure you are hydrated properly for your run results in gastric distress. No one likes to feel nauseated or frantically search for a bathroom breaks along the way.


According to Runner’s World Magazine we should adjust our pace according to the weather and our individual level of conditioning. When it’s hot don’t expect to run at maximum pace through the heat. While we want to exercise at our planned intensity and pace, one must be smart about altitude, humidity and our body’s current hydration level.

While we appreciate chocolate milk as a post exercise fuel replacement, the sugar in milk (lactose) can cause stomach upset if you drink it before your run.

We often suggest complex carbohydrates in our diet in maintaining blood sugar balance but eating high fiber foods like grains and salads can leave you with bowel distress prior to your running.

In my mind pre-medicating is one of the most puzzling things people do prior to exercising. Taking aspirin, Alieve or types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent pain while exercising or to decrease symptoms after exercising is wrong for many reasons, but also may increase the permeability of the intestines leading to stomach upset.

One of the best things one can do is to make sure you are well hydratedprior to exercising, instead of trying to compensate during exercise.

Remember everyone is different, our tolerances and adaptability is unique. You may have to test which approach works best for you.