I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ray. He is an excellent doctor and sincerely cares about his patients. He was always willing to answer my questions and explain what was happening in my body. In one month he helped me with numerous issues and was always able to see me at short notice. He was always optimistic and encouraging and helped me to stay positive when my mind got the best of me. I appreciate him not only for his skillful expertise when it comes to knowing how to heal the body, but also for his kindness and generosity.
— Shannon S.

Dr. Ray is very thorough in his diagnostic approach, so that you get the care that is exactly tailored to your needs. Listen to what he can tell you - you will learn a lot about your moving body, and how you can experience higher levels of physical functionality and well-being. His tool-kit and experience are the best you can find in all of Colorado.
Especially if you are an athlete - this is your choice. Dr. Ray is worth your time and even extra travel.
— Sabine A.

Great job on getting me up and running again
— Bill B.

I have been treated many times over the years by Tim, both on the rugby field and in his offices. His ability to rectify my pains is astounding, and his bedside care is top noch. I highly recommend Advanced Athlete Health Care!
— Chris R.

Dr. Ray is one of the top sports chiropractors in the world. I have seen him treat world class athletes and would recommend him highly.
— Mike S.

Over this past year, I’ve thrown Dr. Ray many “curve balls” regarding my physically over active lifestyle and he’s been able to quickly adjust treatments to match my new injury. I’ve also been given a great “at home” excise program to keep me strong and stable. Dr. Ray is very knowledgeable about the dynamics of chiropractics helping physical therapy regimens, then teaching nutrition and mental heath strategies.
— Tracy K.

Dr. Ray has cured me from my chronic back pain in only weeks. However, unlike other chiropractors the I’ve been to, he continues to work with me to ensure that I strengthen my back and prevent the injury from reoccurring
— Dave R.

Dr. Ray has always gotten me back on my feet and healthy in a short time. I would highly recommend him to any athlete.
— Scott R.

Dr. Ray works on our entire team. He does great work and keeps us in good condition.
— Team N.N.

Dr. Tim is amazing! He’s always available and always listens to what my problems are before diagnosing.
— Barbara C.

I’ve been going to Chiropractors for 25 years- from experience, Dr. Ray is by far the best of the best!
He has been a life saver! I went to him with migraines, among other things. His gentle non-forcing technique, has helped reduce my visits from weekly (or more!) to less than once a month and no migraines for 3 years.
He really takes time with each patient to understand how their body is functioning as a whole, and aims to find the root problem of the issue instead of running through a checklist as many chiropractors do to be efficient and get you out the door.
He is always expanding his knowledge and skills with continuing education, and is eager to pass on new methods to his patients.
I would recommend Dr. Ray to anyone, wether you need routine maintenance or intense adjusting for chronic pain. He is THE BEST!
— Carly M.

I am a very active person, I have moved many times in the past couple years and seen many chiropractors. After visiting Dr. Tim Ray I felt compelled to leave a review about my experience. I went to see Dr. Ray after I had some pain in my mid-back region, he had me feeling better than ever. he is very professional has years of experience (I was informed that he has chiropractic experience in the olympics!) He left me feeling like a million bucks. I would recommend Dr. Ray to anyone who is looking for a great sports chiropractor.
— Camille S.

Dr. Ray is amazing! I went to two physical therapists before I visited Dr. Ray to help me manage an IT band running injury. No one could make the pain go away until I went to Dr. Ray. When I first started working with Dr. Ray I could barely run 1 mile without pain. Last year I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles). Dr. Ray uses a variety of techniques to help the patient receive the healing and desired outcome the patient desired. I highly recommend Dr. Ray.
— Sonja P.

I live in Boulder CO and drive down to see Dr. Tim in Longmont. I was rear-ended by a lovely citizen who was texting and driving. Dr. Tim stuck out to me particularly because of his experience. He seemed to be above and beyond a normal chiropractor. I do MAJOR research on health professionals before I trust them to treat me. This Dr. was chosen to work on Olympians. He has a giant network of the state’s best spine physicians in multiple practice realms. He’s incredibly polite and educated me through the entire process. The insurance process was quick and easy. He was honestly the first of a few choices that could get me in. I am so happy I went with these guys. I hope this helps other “medical hypochondriacs” like myself needing immediate care. In my opinion, not only is this guy the best educated Longmont Chiropractor - he may even be the best in Colorado! 5-stars for this office! Thanks Dr. Tim - See you Monday.
— Richard S.

Tim Ray is an excellent Chiropractor. I totally trust his expertise and have never had a more thorough treatment from any other chiropractor. I highly recommend his work.
— Joann N.

Dr. Tim is a great practitioner and source of info.
— Dave F.

I really appreciate how Dr. Ray took the time to answer all my questions.
— A. Smith

Tim is such a wonderful caring person, a chiropractor that will always go the extra mile to help you!
— Martin I.

Tim is an exceptional chiropractor. His friendliness and knowledge welcomes you and puts you at ease. I would recommend Tim to anyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors!
— Thomas C.J.

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